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Flojet N5100 series

Diaphragm air-driven pump

ITT Flojet air operated diaphragm pumps offer excellent self-priming capability. Pumps can be located above the
supply tank. Suction-side foot valve is recommended for best operation. Liquid pressure is regulated by supply
air pressure. No bypass or pressure relief plumbing is necessary. Choice of Santoprene, Buna, or Viton elastomers
provide a wide range of chemical compatibility. Quick disconnect liquid and gas port fittings provided for easy


• Compact design with plug-in hose connections for quick installation

• Variety of elastomers to ensure chemical compatibility

• Variable capacity from zero to the maximum flow

• No pressure relief or bypass plumbing required

• Excellent self-priming. Pump may be located above the liquid level


Pump Air-operated positive displacement double diaphragm pump

Flow Rate Up to 2.5 GPM (9.5 L/min)

Pressure 20 to 75 PSI (1.38 to 5.51 bar)

Ports Liquid 3/8″ (114.3 mm) Air 1/4″ (76.2mm)

Wetted Parts Buna, Santoprene®, Geolast® or Viton® for diaphragms and valves Acetal copolymer for housing

Self-Priming 28 ft. (8.5 m) Dry, 32 ft. (9.8 m) Wet

Gas/Air Consumption Air Supply must be oil-free and dry, 40 PSI at 1 GPM – 0.45 C.F.M., 60 PSI at 1 GPM – 0.58 C.F.M., 80 PSI at 1 GPM – 0.77 C.F.M.


N5100010A Industrial Air Driven Pump
Diaphragm Buna
Check Valve Buna
N5100020A Industrial Air Driven Pump
Diaphragm Viton®
Check Valve Viton®
N5100040A Industrial Air Driven Pump
Diaphragm Santoprene®
Check Valve Santoprene®
N5100050A Industrial Air Driven Pump
Diaphragm Geolast®
Check Valve Geolast®

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