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Controllo fiamma

Per bruciatori atmosferici e ad aria soffiata a gas e misti gas/olio, a 1 o 2 stadi.
Programmatore ciclico di avviamento, con sblocco a distanza.
Custodia con lampada spia e pulsante di sblocco.

LME… burner controls are used for the startup and supervision of 1- or 2-stage gas or
gas / oil burners in intermittent operation. The flame is supervised by an ionization
probe or flame detector QRA… with ancillary unit AGQ3…A27 for gas / oil forced draft
burners or blue–burning flames with blue-flame detectors QRC…
In terms of housing dimensions, the LME… are identical with the LGB… and LMG…
burner controls (refer to «Type summary»).
– For gas burners with or without fan to EN 298: 2003
– For gas burners with fans conforming to EN 676
– For oil burners to EN 230: 2005
– Undervoltage detection
– Air pressure supervision with functional check of the air pressure switch during
startup and operation
– Electrical remote reset facility
– Multicolor indication of fault status and operational status messages
– Limitation of the number of repetitions
– Accurate control sequence thanks to digital signal handling
– Controlled intermittent operation after 24 hours of continuous operation