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Our story

Here at Tem, located in Sassulo, Italy, we have been dealing with machinery and spare parts supplies for different industrial areas, particularly for the ceramic tiles industry, in both Italy and abroad since 1997. Our extensive knowledge of the manufacturing process allows us to fully meet our customers’ requirements, offering various products and services in a single solution. Our qualified team takes care of the customer from the first phone until well after the sale has been made. You can sit back and relax knowing that we will take care of any problems you need solved.

Our vision

It takes a staff to compose a symphony: five straight lines that must be respected and followed. To compose our music, we too make use of five simple rules. First, we honour our word; all deadlines are met, and they are met in the manner agreed upon. Second, we support our customer every step of the way. Third, if a customer submits an issue to us, we solve it with pleasure. Fourth, we keep ourselves up-to-date in the industry to consistently offer the best and most innovative solutions. Fifth, whenever possible, we offer the best Italian machinery and spare parts, because we know we can count on some of the finest companies in the world for technology, reliability, and innovation. Enjoy the music!

Why choose us



Get the best solution for your company as quick as possible. Your needs are our priority.


You can call us at our office from Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 12.30 pm and from 1.00 to 5.00 pm, you can drop us a line at our e-mail address or you can fill the form. You will get a written answer within 48 hours.


Whether you are searching for an entire production line or a single spare part, you can count on us from the beginning until well after the sale has been made. We offer top quality products and we keep our word, always.

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