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Cámara Frost resistance

Test resistencia a la helada

Instrumento para la resistencia a la helada en baldosas
cerámicas, tejas o productos para construcción expuestos a
temperaturas hasta -25ºC.

Tanks for determining resistance to frost, DFR series
Suitable for performing the test envisaged by the
UNI EN ISO 10545-12 (ceramic tiles) and UNI EN 1348 (adhesives for tiles) standards.
DFR/60 model
General features:
Stainless steel tank and climatic cell. Large clearances within the cabinet and easy access to the tank and climatic cell, guarantee comfortable maintenance.
– Climatic tank capacity: test sample up to the size
60 x 60 cm complying with the norm UNI EN
ISO 10545-12 (or n.6 concrete blocks of 40×40
cm size according to UNI EN 1348)
– Double overlapping tray for large and small sizes
– Complete submersion in water of the test samples
– Control panel with touch screen
– Video-graphic recorder with display and data
storing on compact Flash (data processing
included) for recording the temperatures of
the tank, reservoir and room
– nr.1 pre-set program that cannot be changed for
the test complying with the norm UNI EN
ISO 10545-12
– Storage of 9 customized programs
-Settable parameters from the operator:
• Nr frost/defrost cycles
• Sample temperature (up to -20,0°C)
• Cooling hysteresis
• Cooling gradient
• Keeping under zero
• Stay time in water immersion
• Water heating temperature (up to +40,0°C)
• Water heating hysteresis
-2 languages can be selected (Italian and English)
-Temperature measurement units expressed
in °C with 0.1°C-resolution
-Displaying of the test status and of the
temperatures in real time
-Reservoir water level indicator
-Lighted and acoustic signalling tower
-External RS 232 C serial output of the video-
graphic recorder (communication software excluded)
-Power supply:400 V three-phase 50 Hz+N+PE 32A
-Overall dimensions: 161x155x161 cm.
-Weight: 470 Kg.
DFR/120 model
Features as per DFR/60 model, but suitable for tile sizes up to 60 x 120 cm. (or n.12 concrete blocks of 40×40 cm size according to UNI EN 1348)