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Viscosímetro Digital Brookfield DV-I PRIME

Digital instrument for the measuring of viscosity directly with all data reading on display, output RS232 for software connection,and connection for thermocouple is the unit which enables to automatically obtain a print-off of the graph on the work done, thus reducing cost in testing. Also fully compatible with the complete range of accessories from Brookfield. The LCD simultaneously shows: viscosity in cP or mPa—s, torque %, RPM speed and number of spindle installed, autodetermination of viscosity scale, temperature in C° or °F if the relevant feeler is installed.

Technical Specifications

Accuracy: ± 1 % of range.

Repeatability: ± 0,2 %.

18 speeds for a complete choice range.

RS232 output only for software use.

Program features: time to torque and time to stop.


Hard plastic carrying case with viscometer stand and guard leg.

Appropriate spindle set.