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CTS 12, 15, 20, 25

Forklift trucks

Simple as a pallet truck, versatile as a reach stacker
Electric power steering
High residual load capacity, with lifting to a height of 6.000mm
Powerful 3-phase drive motor, maintenance-free
Hydraulic proportional drive
Sideways battery removal on request


Available with capacities from 1200 to 2500 kg, the CTS series of machinery have a tiller head and projecting forks. This makes driving as simple as it is with a regular pallet truck, offering at the same time the versatility of a reach stacker.

The adjustable forks on the FEM plate, the mast with excellent visibility and the standard tilting mast (side-shifter is available on request) make it possible to handle Europallets, caissons, and frames (even with reduced clearance) inserting the forks on each side. Loads can be picked up and deposited in areas where stackers cannot be used, for example on truck platforms, cantilevers, scaffolding with bumpers, etc.

It is possible to apply all types of equipment: clamps for drums, for bales and appliances, rotary grippers, hydraulic fork positioners, tippers, telescopic forks, hydraulic hoppers and specially designed equipment.

These trucks drive like a pallet truck, with ergonomically arranged controls on the control head unit that can be operated with both hands. Steering is light, even when maneuvering at a standstill, and the large wheels make it more comfortable and reduce the stress transmitted from the floor.

The compact size and high handling qualities of the machine allow it to be used in cramped environments. The load backrest is standard on all models.