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Inkjet print head cleaning wipes

100% polyester - 23 x 23 cm - 9 x 9 inches

T1-600 is a sealed edge cleanroom laundered wiper recommended for ISO Class 3 and above environments composed of 100% continuous filament polyester knit fabric. It is excellent for general wiping and disinfecting of critical process areas and machines. This combination of properties provides T1-600 with the high level of cleanliness, abrasion resistance and chemical compatibility required for ISO Class 3 and above environments and applications requiring critical control of contaminants combined with superior performance.

They can be used safely for the cleanse of the most common professional print heads such as Xaar, Dimatix (Fujifilm), Seiko, Epson…

9×9” – 23x23cm – 150 pcs – Stacked